What I Live To Protect~

I believe that people should protect things they love, whether it is another person or a favorite sock monkey.  For me, I want to protect the bookstores everywhere.  I know, I know it sounds very nerdy or cheesy, but it’s true.  


Books hold a certain meaning that electronic devices can not.  Books tell a story about a boy who lives, a girl who fought for her sister, even a secretary of the treasury who died in a duel.  They tell me something that a device can not.  They also smell really nice.  Bookstores hold these stories and memories, so protecting the shops is very important.


What do you want to protect?  It doesn’t have to hold a memory, it can hold a story.  Then again, bookstores do both for me.


#16stubcGaliano Island Literary Festival 2015 - Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada kris krüg via Compfight

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