Responsibility In Your Thoughts~

Many thoughts go through your head in a day.

What do I wear?

Who does Jason like?

Is this song that good?

I myself only experience one of those thoughts.


Some thoughts are negative though.  We all think that “Randy’s new hairstyle is weird” or “Sally is so bossy.”  Those are not automatic thoughts.  Automatic thoughts are when you quickly think about something, it’s the first thing to pop into your head.  We need to control those thoughts and only share the good ones.  If you don’t control these thoughts, people may loathe you for thinking that.


Positive thoughts can affect you by making your day brighter and happier.  Keep these in your head.

Negative thoughts can affect you by making your day seem quite blue.  Try to reframe these thoughts into a good thing.  Made an 75 on your math test?  You learned to try and study more.


Emotionally healthy people tend to be a little arrogant, they think bright and that they are the best.  They are happy though.


Take responsibility for what you think, so think good and positive.  If you don’t you will seem like an emotionless robot or a terrible person.


What is one of the things you think everyday?

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