Thanksgiving Thoughts in the Light~

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think about how diverse the United States actually is.  We have so many cultures in our country, we can not forget any of them.


A traditional holiday poem I have made:

Everyday, I wait

I wait for him to come back

I was once thankful for his presence in my life

But not now

When I was younger perhaps,

But now I have my family

My friends

My whole life ahead

But that does not mean I do not miss you

But now you’re gone


To be honest, that was not very happy, but that is okay!  Emotions can be anything in poems.  Each day, we let things slide away from us, things that we should be thankful for.  But we do not car, and we should.  Some things I am thankful for are my family, my friends, and books.

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Self Awareness~

Every day, we have an action, and those actions either result in consequences or awards.  Sometimes, people are not even aware of their actions.  To be aware, we need self awareness.  Self awareness is when you are aware of everything you do, from words to actions.  If we have self awareness, we will not be as clueless as most be are.

Persistence and Optimism

Sometimes, you have to be a good leader, even if you do not feel like it.  One of the key ingredients in the good leader recipe is having persistence and optimism!  If you have both, you will never give up (like Rick Astley) and you can lead others to victory.

Comments On Other Country Blogs~

Unfortunately I do not remember which blogs I commented on, so I will say what I saw on each blog.


I went to blogs in Macedonia, Italy, and Canada.  They all looked the same as any other normal blog (when I translated it).  They all had unique personalities and I remember one being very aesthetic.

A Popular Food: Donuts~

In the United States, donuts are a very common breakfast treat.  You can get them plain, with sprinkles, with icing, in different shapes, there is so much to choose from!

My Avatar~

Some people have been wondering what my avatar is, so I will explain.


It’s a Harry Potter avatar I made.  I based it off myself and my Hogwarts house which is Slytherin.  I made it like that because I love the Harry Potter series.

A Memorable Experience~

Everyone has that one time where your eyes light up, your heart flips, and you smile cheekily; a happy experience.  And yet, I am writing about something sad.  How not cliche.


I remember the moment when I lost all of my self esteem. I can not believe it happened.  My face was red, people on stage were trying to cover me.  The audience gasped and tried to pretend they didn’t notice.


My dress came undone.


Now I know it might seem like I am lying, but I am not.  The story goes like this; it was the big night.  I was in the school play of The Wizard of Oz, and it was the poppy scene.  As the tin-man and lion were waking me up, I went to stand and placed my knee on the inside of my dress.  BIG MISTAKE!  My other leg was standing, and then the dress came undone.  I remember turning as red as a ripe tomato. The scarecrow walked behind me to cover it up, but the deed was done.  Luckily I was wearing a tank top under my dress.  After I got offstage, one of the crew members buttoned it for me and off I went for the next scene.


I will probably never live that down. And by never, I mean never ever ever. I realize that I should have written something happy, but I do not work like that.  At least I can not be any more embarrassed than that again.